Convenient Excuses

by Endless Bummer

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Endless Bummer Baltimore, Maryland

3 Piece DIY Crusty punk from Baltimore, MD!

Guitar - Stephen
Bass - Steven
Drums - Ben

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Track Name: Let the Record Spin
The time has come for us to step up to the plate.
Unsure of love or hate, let us see what we'll create.
When you live so near, the ones held so dear,
It's a matter of facing your truest fears.

You're all alone, you're sinking, struggling, fighting through the waves.
Your only source of light's down in a cave.
And to the sky we look, radio waves in the air,
I thought I saw your face but it's not there.

A new direction turns around, reveals itself to me.
I find myself perplexed, there's no way this could be.
I turn to face the crowd one too many times.
Once again I'm reminded of waiting in those lines.

Hear my song on the internet tonight.
You'd never fucking know if they played this song on the radio.
Let the record spin one more time, alright.
And tommorow we'll wake up and fight the good fight.
We'll keep singing and dancing and pretending, alright.
Cuz you'd never fucking know if they played this song on the radio.
Let the record spin one more time tonight.
Spin the record for me one more time tonight.
Track Name: LemonDog
Sitting at home, depressed and alone.
No one to talk to, just silent and stoned.
I hate a world addicted to greed.
Job, class, and money, they don't define me.

The world's in darkness, its lost it's soul,
when everyone mindlessly does what they're told.
Erase the power, and plant the seeds.
Abolish all hatred, abolish all greed.
Live out your lives, and let your thoughts soar.
Life's not worth living when life is a bore.
Erase the power, and plant the seeds.
If we just do nothing, then they'll always fucking win!
Track Name: Punx Picnic
Punx Picnic!
( Let's Get Buck )
( Smoke, Drink, Fuck )

All I ever want to do, is talk to you.
Maybe we could smoke some weed,
or drink a couple brew.
All I ever wanted from you, was to talk to me.
And maybe, I could make you happy.
There's so many places and people I still need to see.
All I want is for you to come with me.
And maybe then we could be fucking happy.